• This treatment is a form of tattooing

  • You must be over 18 years old

  • Retouch procedures may be required 

  • You must wait 4-8 weeks before a retouch treatment can be performed

  • In rare cases the pigment may migrate under the skin

  • Application of permanent cosmetics can be painful

  • The pigments will fade

  • Immediately after the treatment, the pigment can be up to 30 to 50% darker than the desired result

  • There may be immediate or delayed allergic reaction to pigments even with patch test carried out. However, allergic reactions are extremely rare

  • Infections can occur 

  • Allergic reactions to topical anaesthetics can occur

  • Do not drink caffeine or take any painkiller before treatment 

  • Avoid alcohol 24hours before treatment

  • Do not have Botox or filler or tint brows 2 weeks before any treatment 

  • There will be swelling and redness following the procedure 

  • You may experience minor bleeding during treatment 

  • If you have had previous problems with cold sores/herpes and wish to receive lip treatment, you may have a reoccurrence of cold sores following the treatment. Anti-herpes medication is available over the counter or on prescription and has shown to minimise such outbreaks.

  • Lip treatments can appear dry and flaky one week after treatment 

  • All treatment will go through stages of healing and pigment will look extremely faint and will come back through 

  • True colour will take at least 4 weeks to show

  • Pigment cannot be too dark for your skin tone as it will heal ashy/grey colour, your technician will advise the pigments you can choose from

  • Aftercare will be discussed and form will be given and is extremely important to follow if you want great healed results.

  • We want to manage your expectations, so please understand and appreciate that the results you get at the end or your procedure may vary from individual to individual depending on a number of factors, namely the skill of the technician; the colour pigment blended with your natural skin tone; the shape and the position of your facial features; any medication that you are taking; your skin characteristics (dry, oily, sun-damaged, thin, thick); PH balance of your skin; diet; alcohol intake and/or smoking; and any post-operative care treatment. If the end result are not what you expected, you have no automatic rights to make requests for any changes (unless technician agrees to change)

  • You accept responsibility for determining the colour, shape and position of eyebrows, eyeliner, lip liner and colour, during the course of your treatment 

  • A Non-refundable payment of £75 will be needed to secure and book your appointment. You will be required to give 48 hour’s notice to change/postpone/cancel your appointment if full 48 hour’s notice is not given deposit will be kept. If you give 48 hour’s notice your appointment can be changed for another date up to 2 months after your initial appointment date.